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I’m in love with a man who has a girlfriend?

So this guy I have been friends with for about 5 years we never really met up but used to send nudes and on the rare occasion we did meet up we were always with other people , November 2020 we met up and our Friends left early, we then had sex and it was so good Iv been in love with him ever since, we have had sex 5 times he has been in 2 relationships while we were having sex is it bad that I had sex with him While he had a girlfriend I’m just so in love with this man and want him to myself when we got drunk with our friends when they would leave to go for a fag he would rub my leg and things like that also he said he would leave his girlfriend for me when he was drunk. What do I do I love him so much
Do I tell him I love him and I need to know how he feels
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Or do I just ignore it and stay friends
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I’m in love with a man who has a girlfriend?
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