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Would you sleep with someone else anyway?

I’m in a sexless marriage. We don’t even sleep in the same room anymore. My husband told me a few years ago that he’s aroused by women and their bodies, but he’s not aroused by women’s pussies. (We didn’t have a very good sex life, and that totally explains a lot.)

He still loves me and wants to stay with me, and he pushed the idea of an open relationship. I love my husband, but having a no intimacy relationship (like no sex, no cuddling, no sleeping with each other) is taking its toll, and honestly I feel deceived and stupid.

I finally say okay, signed up to a site, and found someone. I’m only interested in sex. I tell my husband and this other person every step of the way that I’m married, I’m only interested in a sexual encounter.

Husband says no. Now that someone else is interested, he’s not okay with it. We got into an argument over it, and he said that if I chose to proceed to not tell him. I’m so frustrated.

Would you go through with it anyway?
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So, in answer to “Why did you even get married” he still had sex with me, we still cuddled, and slept together in the beginning. I love him, and now there’s no connection. We don’t go on dates, we don’t hold hands, we don’t cuddle, we don’t have sex, we don’t even share a room and haven’t for a long time. I get a kiss and a hug when one of us leaves for work. That’s it.

I can’t get a divorce RIGHTNOW because of various reasons. I just want some intimacy. It’s really demoralizing.
Would you sleep with someone else anyway?
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