(im straight but highly confused) is this a normal girl celebrity crush?

For a while I've been "obsessed" with a woman in music that i look up to a lot, I've also had some emotions that I've been trying to think away but the more i try to write it off as something else the more i end up feeling confused.

This is my first celebrity crush and i can't tell if its normal and i will grow out of it or if it means something about me, ill explain what im feeling:

When i watcher her interviews i smile like an idiot and i laugh so much at silly jokes she makes and i focus on her face a lot, sometimes i even look her up on google and stare a pictures of her for hours and smile but I've always explained this by "its normal to admire beauty and your probably trying to subcounciously figure out how to look that way" but i always fangirl and like lose my breathe and yesterday i had a thought I've never had before.

it was "i would love to kiss her she's so hot" and i felt turned on, so thats whats prompting me to ask this question, as soon as it happened i went "wait" because how can i explain that away? please someone tell me this is just a phase because i honestly am very confused. I have felt turned on by her before but its not a big deal becase i get turned on by random things, i can get turned on by wall if i focus hard enough. so its just because i have a high libido. can this just be because im so young? I've never really thought about my sexuality before in any sense, not even a straight sense but i know im straight because thats just, that just who i am, i know that if i were to identify as something else it wouldn't feel right, and I've only dated boys.
(im straight but highly confused) is this a normal girl celebrity crush?
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