Why do so many guys nowadays think women are hung up on superficial things like dick size and height?

I’m a short guy. I am 5’ 9”.

I don’t have a huge dick either. It is only six inches.

But I’ve accepted the fact because there ain’t a thing I can do about it so why get upset over it?

Ideally I would have a larger dick, and ideally I would also be at least a few inches taller.

And ideally there are also women in the world who want less body fat.

But that’s life.

I’m still ahead of some men when it comes to other areas like class and professionalism for instance which women seem to value more.

And in regards to the women, I’m actually dating a girl who carries a few extra pounds at the moment.

Obviously there’s still a certain level of obesity that can still be healthy, and to be frank, a few extra pounds isn’t going to bother most guys either.

In any case men always claim that women really care about height. And while many women do have height preferences, it doesn’t mean short guys don’t have a chance.

Because even still most short guys are still taller than the average woman.

So the issue is really just a lack of confidence.

Growing up as a short guy, I was always picked on and targeted by bigger guys which really affected my confidence around women when I was younger.

At the time I felt unworthy of them because the other guys had me believe I was less capable than them. Which created all sorts of discomfort.

I felt that I had to “prove” myself worthy to women when I was younger. But as I got older I realized there is nothing wrong with just talking to them. They aren’t there to judge you unless you disrespect them in some way.

And in regards to dick size its more about skill than it is anything else according to the women I’ve talked to.

They all generally seem to prefer an average sized guy that knows how to use it over a big guy that doesn’t try to pleasure them.

So as long as it isn’t an extremely tiny dick (which less than 5% of men have anyway) most women aren’t going to care. 90-95% of guys are clinically average anyway.
Why do so many guys nowadays think women are hung up on superficial things like dick size and height?
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