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Should I tell him? would he care?

I’m seeing multiple guys casually none of us are exclusive and the others knows I want to date around till I click with someone. I went on 2 dates with a guy we can call ben and I would say I click with him and really like him. Once I find someone I like I don’t want to persue anyone else so I tried cutting off the other people. One in particular gave me an extremely hard time and kept asking me for sex. I share my location and got scared to block him because he’s the kind of guy who would drive up and confront me so I caved in even though I didn’t want to. I have only been with 3 guys all of which I have really liked so hooking up with him really impacted me and I feel so guilty and ashamed. I’m not exclusive with ben but I feel like I betrayed him. Do I tell him or is this something I keep to myself? Also am I in the wrong?
Should I tell him? would he care?
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