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Friends with benefits falling in love?

He is my friends with benefits. We are both 25. he's a bartender and we met at the bar where he works. However, since the last 1 year or 8 months, he was watching a girl at his university. He never spoke to her nor made any moves but stare at her a lot. The girl eventually spoke to him after a few months when she noticed him staring blatantly.

They exchanged numbers and even went on a coffee date. However, he likes casual relationships and even with her, he was wanting sexual things. She , on the other hand was more interested in knowing him and spending time talking to him rather than intimacy or sex.

They never kissed nor had sex so he got annoyed and stop seeing her. However, he wanted her to text him but she stopped texting him after he didn't reply to her texts. But he always wanted her to text him and seems really bothered that she doesn't. She does chat with him in person and his friend said they get along very well.

He even remembers the things she told him, he notices her hairstyles, her clothes , he checks her out a lot though. He was also pretty curious to know if she was dating someone. To which she said she wasn't.

Then his friend told me that they were in the library , heading towards the lift and when my friends with benefits saw the shelves which contained books related to economics (the subject she graduated in) he stopped and was looking at the racks until she saw them and he ran away quickly. He only said hi to her later on and acted cold towards her.

Then she told him about how her tutor wears a beanie and the next thing I know, he showed up in a beanie. He didn't see her but when he came over to have sex with me, he had his beanie on.

He still keeps her number even though he's very bitter that she doesn't text him and he doesn't text her either. He sleeps with me and texts me. So he doesn't like her at all,?
Friends with benefits falling in love?
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