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Who's wrong here? me? him? his wife? his family?

Last week I coincidently met my ex boyfriend.
We brokeup bcz his family was not ready to accept same age wife for his son. They wanted younger
B4 brkup we had crazy sex life.
I always called him my king and myself his slave while fucking
I did many role play for him
So when his wife was not at home we fucked. I asked him to fuck me on his marital bed and in his wife's clothes. He shared he hates everyone who has hurted me jst bcz i was same age as him.( In India same age husband wife is a big no) . I asked him to calm down as i thought his opinion is just bcz he is sexually frustrated with marriage. We were not only best at sex but also as companion. We were each other's best friends. I moved on bcz i thought he didn't took stand against his family for me bt he is still there lingering. I think it's just sexual frustration but he says it's not just that. His wife blames me that it is me who is adding hate in his mind by corrupting him by sex.
I tried to cut him off bt he keeps coming to me. Its not always for sex, he comes often for crying or sharing stuffs, happy and sad both, but more often i seduce him for fuck. Who's wrong here
Who's wrong here? me? him? his wife? his family?
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