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Are you for or against this Ohio bill?

"With Ohio’s new six-week abortion ban in place, a Democratic state lawmaker says it’s time for the Ohio Legislature to give consideration to her bill that holds men, who cause an unintended pregnancy, responsible whether the sex that led to the pregnancy was consensual or not.

Sen. Tina Maharath (D-Canal Winchester) said her bill would allow anyone who becomes pregnant to file a civil suit against the person who impregnated them — even if it happened as a result of consensual sex.

“Regardless of the circumstances. I felt it was important to have that vague language due to the fact that abortion is now banned here in the state of Ohio,” Maharath said."

- www.wksu.org/.../ohio-bill-would-allow-pregnant-women-to-sue-men-for-unintended-pregnancies
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Are you for or against this Ohio bill?
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