Weird blister in my mouth, should I be worried?

Today I found a weird blister type thing in my mouth, it doesn't hurt but it's like a bump and it looks like it's filled with a clear fluid. I am not a very sexual person and do not engage in risky sexual behavior. I haven't even kissed anyone, maybe shared some drinks in the last few months but that's it. Where and how should I get it checked? A dentist? A doctor? I don't know where to go and I don't have insurance so I'm worried about spending a lot of money. Is this something I should worry about? Or should I just wait it out and see if it goes away on it's own?

Why is this in sexuality? I clearly said it's not from sexual behavior. Who's in charge of re-categorizing the questions? Are they illiterate? Is this clearly not a health related question?


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  • Depends where it is located sounds like it could be several things such as a cold sore which usually appears on the border of your lips or if it is inside your mouth it is more likely a mucocele you have lots of tiny salivary glands all over your mouth and sometimes they get blocked by tiny stones and can make it fill with saliva. Usually they resolve on their own and will pop sometimes they will come back in the same spot. Those usually appear where ever you have soft tissue in your mouth inside of your lips, cheeks, under your tongue, sometimes they can occur on the roof of your mouth too though. If the little bubble is on your gums then I would be more concerned. It could be an abscess, it is the spot where an infected tooth is draining. So if it is there in a few days or comes back you need to see your dentist.

    • Wow, thanks for you answer. I googled mucocele and some of them look frighteningly big (thank god mine is not and I hope it does not get that big) but I found this image and this is exactly what it looks like link but on the inside of my check, about 2 cm from my gum so I think you're right. I also popped it myself and now it's virtually gone. Thank you!

    • Don't worry that you popped it. It is what we would have done for you at the dentist office.

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  • Both my parents are doctors, so I'll try and help you :)

    Sounds like a mucous cyst (mucocele). Most of the time, they don't cause any complications and resolve on their own - it will spontaneously "pop", sounds gross but that's what happens. DO NOT pop it yourself, this can damage the soft tissues inside your mouth and cause problems. It feels uncomfortable to you only because the mouth is a sensitive environment and you are aware of everything happening in your mouth. Mucous cysts are generally due to sucking the inner lips or the cheeks between the teeth, or by lip and tongue piercings because they cause a disturbance in the membrane inside the mouth.

    You should only see a doctor about this if it becomes painful, swollen, or infected. You should not need to use numbing gels (like Anbesol or Orajel) on it - if you are, that means it's hurting and you should see a doctor or even a dentist.

    • Oh, don't puncture with a needle either. On top of possible tissue damage, there is also a risk of infection.

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    • You should be fine. Keep an eye on it.

    • And you're welcome :)

  • nah, I think you're fine. I got it once. it was on my upper gums. it popped, and it was filled with air, and water. it didn't hurt at all. but that was a few years ago, and it went away after a couple weeks. I have no clue what it was. but I never died, so I think you're okay, haha. but if you get really worried about it, just go to the dentist to get it checked out.

    hope I helped!

    • Yeah definitely! It does seem to be filled with water or something, maybe air. I have no idea why I got it. I take care of myself and practice good oral hygiene, I was freaking that it might be an std or something yikes! I've never had one, although I've had plenty of canker sores before...

      Thanks for alleviating some of my worry!

    • yeah, the air is cold when it comes out. it just deflates, then I woke up the next morning, and it was there again.

      you're welcome! :)

  • it's called an ulcer...

  • It could be a canker but those hurt. Look it up online and get it checked out.


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  • maybe you should have categorized it yourself and not blame a computer when YOU didn't select a category

    • Maybe you shouldn't assume that I didn't already do that, and hence having valid reason to blame "the computer."