Has any girl here ever felt disappointed or disgusted about your boyfriend's sexual past the way some guys do?

I'm sure most of you have heard about guys being disappointed or not so happy with the sexual past of their girlfriend or the girl they're dating, but you rarely hear about that disappointment coming from girls. Why is that?

In all honesty, I have been disappointed and a tad bit turned off by my man's sexual past. Not because he was sexual, but because what a man will pursue and the way he'll pursue it can say a lot about him and his depth motives. For example, friends with benefits. I couldn't be any more anti friends with benefits just because I think the entire arrangement is sleazy, often tactless, and contributes to a greater descent of society and the men and women of this era. I can't help but be a bit turned off finding out that my man has had multiple FWB's in his past. It makes me think less of him when it comes to his morals and self control. I hate the idea that he may have had and may still have it in him to create a situation where he's making some girl feel cheap. Idk, I'd just like to think that my man has higher morals. I do think that friends with benefits can change your morals because there's this "It's all about me and my genital" attitude and I've seen people be totally faithful to that attitude despite if someone gets attached. Something about that just doesn't sit right with me. Another thing I don't like about that is if his former friends with benefits or FWB's (plural as in more than one) are in the same community as me be it school or work. They know all about my man and his bedroom tricks and moves. How do I know they haven't been telling their friends about him? I don't get overly upset about that, but I hate the idea of a bunch of girls knowing all about my man's junk and how he gets down in the bedroom. I just feel that should be private. I also hate it when I'm really into a guy and find out he's been a major man whore. One night stands, screwing random chicks and all of that sleazy trashiness. I try not to let it, but it really turns me off.

Your thoughts? Has any other girl shared my frustration? Do you guys think I'm being too critical? Your overall opinion? Thanks :)
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Thought that just popped up...

I wonder if these are some of the same thoughts some men may have when they're disappointed with their girl's sexual past. I really didn't want to bring that up because that's an entirely different debate on it's own and I want to avoid people coming here overshadowing the original purpose of this post so that they can argue about that. I know a lot of girls are extremely sensitive about that issue and the arguing will be endless no doubt lol Just food for thought
Has any girl here ever felt disappointed or disgusted about your boyfriend's sexual past the way some guys do?
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