Why does BFF/FWB/roommate *say* he doesn't want a relationship but *acts* like he does?

This guy and I have been friends for years and we can talk about anything (for hours), we like all the same things, finish each others' sentences, can't stay mad for more than five minutes, etc. He hugs me from behind when I'm doing dishes, does our laundry, and people tell us we are just the cutest couple (which he doesn't correct them on).

We had sex for the first time a few months ago and joked it off that we would be FWB, have had sex a couple of times since then, and now we live together. He tells me he hates certain things like his neck being messed with, but then has me rub it for as long as I can manage. He says he's not affectionate, but touches and hugs me all the time. Says he doesn't like to kiss, but when I'm brave enough (or had enough to drink) to kiss him, he kisses back like he means it.

We practically act like we're married, but he doesn't initiate sex and I'm just too chicken (which is odd for both of us), I am so damn confused. Is the affection he shows, even the extra close stuff, just because we are such good friends for so long or what? All of our friends think he wants more than friends and I've been so in love with him for years that I want to scream from the rooftops. I don't know what to do and I'm so worried about ruining our friendship by saying or doing something stupid. Please help!
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Now he is running around the apartment singing and humming and hugging me and wants to snuggle and cuddle and hold hands and ignores phone calls and texts from other people. He set his ringtones and alarms to love songs and is just acting totally goofy. WTF?
Why does BFF/FWB/roommate *say* he doesn't want a relationship but *acts* like he does?
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