Straight guys.. friends with benefits...

Right so I guess this sounds weird because technically I guess I'm not really straight, but here's some back story. I am now in college. I like girls. Very much so. I've had girlfriends and have had sex with women. Not sure if this ties into anything, but I'm also one of those dudes that makes gay jokes with my friends. It's never serious, and everyone knows it's a joke. However, for a while now, I've been a little curious about my sexuality. It's never been serious, and it usually just leads to me stumbling upon gay p*rnography every once in a while and "enjoying it". Now 2 nights ago, my (up to this point) straight buddy stayed over my dorm room. We always hang out on weekends because he lives on a different campus but comes to my campus to party, and towards the end of the night we end up meeting up and hanging out. He asks if he can come over and cuddle (one of those gay jokes). I say only if I can be big spoon (again, another gay joke). Mind you, we both have some drinks in us. Anyways, we come back to my room, roommate is gone for the weekend, we play some video games and are getting ready for bed. He says that he wants to be big spoon and that the dude with the biggest d*ck should be big spoon. He proceeds to pull down his pants and pulls it out. To me, comparing d***s was never really gay so I do the same. Turns out I get to be big spoon. We lay in bed--not cuddling. (again, not thinking anything gay right now). He then gets a little closer and closer to me and then grabs my penis. For some reason I didn't do anything about it. Nothing serious happened, but we did mess around. I made to sure to tell him that I wasn't going to be weird about this as long as he wasn't and that I valued our friendship. He agreed. Now here's my question. Is this one of those cliche experimental college experiences? Or are we bi? Clearly I'm not gay, but the whole "bi" thing doesn't sit right with me as it insinuates that I would date and be in a relationship with a dude which I really cannot picture me doing at all. What do you guys think of this whole situation? I just need some 3rd person opinions to hopefully shed some light and this kind of confusing situation.
Straight guys.. friends with benefits...
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