I like giving my friends with benefits oral, but this time I felt used. am I overreacting?

I am in a friends with benefits situation that is basically a friend who I occasionally hook up with when a lot of drinks are involved. so far we have been able to keep our sexual encounters to ourselves, which I like, since we are not dating. I see this as a sexually compatible mutual crush, not a potential relationship. I know there's a danger of this ending badly, but it's been fine for about 6 months.

I feel like our alcohol fueled encounters have allowed us to be much less shy and reserved compared to how we normally are. Although I hate pda in general, we have hooked up in public, which is always fun/exciting. I feel like we can get pretty nasty/freaky while still being considerate. I like that he can be aggressive about what he likes while being attentive to what I like and want. It's because of this that I feel really comfortable, and really enjoy, giving him oral sex. It's a major turn on, especially when he asks for it really politely, or kinda begs for it. Our last encounter, however, made me feel a little used/cheap.

While at a bar, we started to get a little close, which got him really excited. He claimed to be so excited that it was hurting him, so we planned to meet up in the restroom. It was pretty clean, but I can be very ocd about public restrooms, so I have never done that before. He didn't have a condom for sex, so he kinda assumed It would be fine for me to just give him oral. It's not an outrageous assumption, since our encounters always include oral, but he still seemed a little too aggressive/bossy about it for my taste. I know he really likes how I do it. so the encounter was great for him, but left a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended). We left immediately afterward, with his friend giving us a knowing smile. I was annoyed.

I'm not sure if it was the fact that the bathroom is not my idea of a great hook up spot, or If I was just being moody, but he felt a lot less considerate than normal. Men, do you ever find that you become more aggressive/demanding about sex when you become "that" hard? Do you think he sees me as cheap/easy/gullible? Should kissing afterward be enough to imply respect? He claims that he blacked out eventually that night, and doesn't really remember everything that happened. Is that just an excuse? I'm not sure it's fair to bring it up as an issue since he probably barely remembers it.

I do wonder if this is a sign that the benefits part of our friendship should come to an end. Should one bad experience spoil the whole bunch? should I let it go?

Part of me feels like this is bothering me way more than it should.
I like giving my friends with benefits oral, but this time I felt used. am I overreacting?
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