Random Sexual Questions? ;)

1. Am I the only girl that LOVES giving blow jobs?

2. Would you rather have a girl ask you if she can give you a bj or just surprise you with it? :p

3. Can friends with benefits ever turn into anything more than that. He says he likes me, he just isn't ready to date, but in the future it could be something? Do you think he just said that to keep getting laid from me? Hmm..

4. Do guys ever get like super hyper after sex? That's how my friends with benefits is sometimes. :p It's one thing I LOVE about him.. :p

5. If you had a FWB, what do you kind of sexual favors would you ask for? Other than just intercourse haha..

6. If a woman agrees to friends with benefits would you consider her a slut?

7.How many sexual partners have you had! :)

8. Last One! :) How many partners is too much?

Okay one more question.. He want's a picture of down there, but how can you make that picture attractive personally I think vaginas are ugly! lol Would you think it's hot if I sent him one with my finger in there? lol I know! To much Information! Just curious! ha ha Annoymous anyways so what the hell! :)
:D You guys mad me feel so much better about my situation! lol


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  • 1. God I hope not.

    2. Ask me...better yet, beg me. Because I will beg to go down as well.

    3. It's rare, but it can happen.

    4. I guess it's possible. I just relax afterward so I dunno.

    5. I would ask for private shows and pics. Me and my friends with benefits would send pics all the time.

    6. Hell no, I would consider her awesome.

    7. 15 or so. Most more than once.

    8. Psh! None is to much, life is a party.

    • Love the last answer! :) I'm only at 4 although..

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    • Yeah, being on the same page now it makes it so much better!

    • Thank you for the best answer :) suuure wish I could send you a friend request lmao.

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  • 1. Probably not...

    2. Surprise me with it its so much hotter

    3. It can lead to things because you get used to the person and start to get attached esp if that's the only friends with benefits you have but it usually means he is looking for better but is getting what he can at the moment... at least that's me

    4. Naw after sex I just get tired... I'm hyper in the morning after sex

    5. FWB would be good for threesomes or stuff like that you wouldn't do with a gf

    6. ?

    7. Sex 3 Bjs 4

    8. Depends on age but for me at the age of 22 probably if a girl has in the double digits which many do, its starting to be to much...

  • 1. Of course not

    2. Blow jobs don't do anything for me, so neither

    3. I know some people who's happy marriages started off as FWB, even one night stands

    4. Only after I've slept

    5. Never went beyond "normal"

    6. I'd consider her a friend who I get lucky with

    7. nine

    8. As long as she doesn't have beef curtains...

    Take a picture of your whole hip and thigh area, curves turn us on. But make sure that your p**** can be clearly seen

    • I like your 3rd answer! (: Even if me and him end up never dating.. I hope this turns out into something though.. :)

  • Update question: Vaginas are not ugly. I don't mind getting pics of them at all haha

  • 1. No you're not the only one but I've only known one girl that admitted me to my face she loved giving a bj. She never gave me one but she made my roommate come multiple times and he said she swallows every drop.

    2. Surprise

    3. If the guy says friends with bens he just wants to get his d*** wet and blow his loads on you

    4. Yes it can happen in the morning

    5. I don't know really, the main thing I crave is my penis in a va jay jay!

    6. No

    7. 3

    8. There is no right or wrong number to me but if you're in double digits it might make me think twice

    • Hahaha. He wants a pic of your va jay jay lmao. Okay, don't even doubt he won't like it. If you send him a pic of your vagina he will most likely spend multiple hours masturbating over the picture for weeks lol. Stuff like that sends guys into a sexual frenzy. Our hormones go crazy seeing the vagina of the mate we crave and he knows it and that's why he wants it. Personally I would rather see a spread shot and also casual just sitting there vag shot than have a finger in the way but ask him!

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    • We do! Lol Just not enough!

    • Next time you're making love with him and everything seems to be clicking right and feeling extra amazing just mention how you wish every night could be like this : ) He as a man should get the hint I hope.

  • 1. Marry me?

    2. Either

    3. Yes, but I called dibs

    4. Usually I wait for a sandwich and if one isn't made for me, I nap

    5. Oh her and I have done everything under the sun

    6. No, never

    7. I can count them on two hands

    8. I don't judge, just don't have STD's.

    • @ update- what type of vagina do you have (innie or outie)? Any hair?

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    • lmao in the middle.

    • Haha.. I never really noticed. I don't think I have an outtie, more innie.. lol I haven't looked at other girl's vagina's to see the difference.

What Girls Said 3

  • 1: Nope :)

    2: All guys like the unexpected ask.. Guys with some sorta of relationship with you like the surprise

    3: It can, but many many guys use that line if they think it will work.

    4: Some do, most don't lol

    5: Anything I felt like getting up to

    6: If it is with him, he doesn't. With another guy, they do.

    7: a LOT

    8: No such thing.

  • 1. no you're not. girls always wanna feel sexually unique lol

    2. they like surprises

    3. it can but its unlikely

    6. yes

    7. one

    8. over 10 is too much

  • 1-i only did it once and I liked it a lot but I need more experience before I decide 2-no idea because I'm a girl 3- NO! YES GUYS SAY THAT ALL THE TIME TO KEEP GETTING LAID!

    4-no idea


    6-some guys might

    7-only one

    8-depends on her age. I'm 21 honestly to me more than 2-3 is kind of a lot, because I'm pretty conservative.