Why does he go back and and forth

Ok. Been dating and doing a dear old friend for a few months. One of those "why havnt we ever hooked up" things. Lol. There is lots of fun flirting and sexy stuff. But I swear he's the moodiness person I know. And possibly bi polar. Lol. This week it was all hot. Dirty pics ( pg13) and funny little e stickers about sex. Stuff like that. Then the last few days though I have talked to him... No response to anything silly and dirty the last 2 days. But when we talked on the phone it was all good. Normal friends talking little flirting. But with the few pics..Its like I never sent it. He usually responds. He started on right after we started hooking up with the I have feeling for you sh*t. That made some drama. He says he has them.. and they freak him out (cop out if you ask me). We got into it last week so bad we did have a fight. didn't talk for a few days Because I decided he needed a break. Sure enough. We talk and all is good. Had us a little fun in the shower and everything. We are suppose to be friends with benefits.. he tends to stress that always after he tells me he has feelings for me. Duh.. we were friends forever. he is the one who says that.. then says don't hook up with anyone else ( yeah ok). Then says sometimes he needs space. Or its moving to fast. (hardly). I'm not looking for a relationship. However if the right person came along I wouldn't object. He knows this. So wtf? Up down. Back forth. I have done the not talk for a few days thing. It works every time. But this is diff. I don't want ti ignore him all the time. that's games. . I don't get him.If its suppose to be just fun why make it not? Help?!


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  • He's making fun of you.


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  • Is his name Tim? :-P hahaha!

    I dated a man JUST like this. It turned out he was bipolar and he'd stopped taking his medicine, so he was having manic episodes all the time, constantly going from super up to super down. And treating me really great one day and being very hateful to me the next. After 2 months of dating, he just vanished. Never broke up with me, but ignored me and never spoke to me. Weeks later, I got a call from him and he talked like normal, said things like "before we broke up" and nonsense like that. It was SO WEIRD! Haha!

    Anyway... it just seems like he doesn't know what he wants. Maybe he really is bipolar, but it doesn't really sound like it. He just sounds immature and moody.

    If it isn't what you're wanting, then I'm afraid the only answer is to get out. He doesn't seem ready for whatever you guys are trying anyway.

    I'm sorry :-\