Would you ever date a girl that your friend had seen naked?

I'm 23, and I've only ever hooked up with one person that I went to high school with. I was very afraid and prudish, didn't lose my V-card until almost 21 etc etc. Anyway, a couple years ago, following the breakup to the guy I lose my V-card to, a group of us from high school all went out together to reconnect.

This guy was a few years older than me, we'll call him X, really sweet, and I guess I was rebounding a bit. We both wanted some affection. Anyway, we made out and I stayed the night with X. Next morning we wake up, make out again, and he saw me naked. He fingered me some, I gave him a short handjob, neither of us got off and it didn't go farther than that. No oral or sex. X tried but I said no.

Anyway, X is a really sweet guy, but we didn't date or anything. We've seen each other a few times since, but I think he has a bit of a drinking problem, and is still in love with his ex (who is a friend of mine and didn't care that we hooked up).

HOWEVER, whenever him and I end up at the same place on a night out, he gets really drunk and tries to sabotage me and any guy that tries to talk to me. I don't think he means it maliciously, but it's not like he's in love with me. He just gets drunk and doesn't want anyone else to flirt with me.

This last time? It happened to be another guy from our school. He's about 7 years older than me, we'll call him Z, and I had a huge little girl crush on him back in school. We chatted, hit it off, we even kissed some and I was super interested. But of course, X jumped in to talk a bunch of trash, and I think he told him we lightly messed around a couple years ago.

My question is, do guys care a lot about this? They're not best friends, but they do go out to bars and stuff together sometimes. Will a guy completely disregard dating a girl if he knows a friend of his has seen her naked? X isn't a bad guy that I would regret hooking up with for any other reason except I feel like his jealousy has now ruined any potential relationship with a guy from back home :(
Would you ever date a girl that your friend had seen naked?
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