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Guys, will this bother you?

I'm 22. I'm almost 23. I have a nice skin. I don't have pimples, scars and freckles. I do have some stretch marks but it is not very visible because they are almost the color of my skin. I love my skin but I have one problem, I'm kind of hairy. Not super hairy but it bothers me. I am also hairy down there and I shave but I'm not comfortable with shaving because it's itchy. My legs get so itchy after a few days, I don't shave everyday because my skin gets dry and it gets little pimple like thing in it when I shave everyday. I've never tried waxing because it's a little bit expensive for me. I'm not very hairy but I have more hair than normal girls that I see. I want to stop shaving and leave things the way it is. So does this bother you guys? Will it be OK for you if your girlfriends stop shaving their legs and down there? I haven't asked my boyfriend yet about this lol so I'm asking you guys.
Guys, will this bother you?
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