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My boyfriend watches p*rn. is this normal?

I was looking through my boyfriends pictures on his phone and in the download section it had a p*rn video. I asked him what it was and he said he didn't know and doesn't know how it's on there. Then he hurried up and deleted it before I could even look at it. We ended up fighting because I knew he was lying and he knew it was on there. We'll later he told me he was watching p*rn on Monday because he was home all day and horny. I asked him if he has done that more then once since we been dating and he said yeah a couple. And of course he jacks off while watching.he didn't tell me right away because he said it was embaressing. We have sex pretty much every night. Whem I told him to quit watching it he said k but I have to start giving it to him whenever he wants it. Which I basically do. I don't know why he even watches it when we have sex everynight basically.But I have a couple questions

1. Is this normal for a guy to watch p*rn and Jack off while in a relationship?

2- would this mean anything on why he's doing it? Like losing interest in me or anything

3 I give him sex practically every night so why would he have to watch it

4 is there any sign that since he is watching p*rn that he IS cheating or more likely will cheat in the future?
My boyfriend watches p*rn. is this normal?
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