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Any gentlemen love being rimmed?

Personally my favorite thing to do in bed with a man is toss his salad. Although I'm definitely disinclined to have it tried on me, something about eating a man out is so dirty, nasty, taboo...which is what I find makes it so hot. I first discovered the idea when I was 14 and stumbled upon Urban Dictionary & their definition of what "playing the trombone" meant. I was definitely taken aback by it, but kept it on the top shelf for when I was tall enough.

First time I rimmed was a couple months after I turned 20. It was amazing. He was loving it, he kept moaning and saying, "Oh fcuk! OH FFFUUUKKKCCC!" and started backing his ass into my face. I also rimmed my buddy and he teared up, but he liked it.

Gentlemen, have you been or have a desire to be rimmed? Does it feel nice? It's supposed to feel so good on a man due to his G-spot being right above his anus, but I'd like any feedback on this subject. :)
Any gentlemen love being rimmed?
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