Need advice on a guy? Is he just a pervert?

I'm 18 and female.

I have a guy friend, who liked me while I had a boyfriend, well than I broke up with my boyfriend later on due to other reasons and he started coming on.

We always hang out and get drunk together and smoke ( no judging here, its always in a safe environment and we are not loser junkies) Anyway I was pissed off after a fight I had with my ex and I ended up with my guy friend drunk and he ended up making out with me and giving me oral.

He asked me to be his girlfriend and I refused saying I Needed time and to be sober. Well I considered dating him but my ex came to me talking about suicide so out of guilt I got with my ex and the other guy was like " okay that's cool" or gave some excuse not feel guilty about choosing my ex.

Anyway I was still good friends with this guy months later and my ex I dumped again because he was a dick again.

Well I stopped talking to everyone really for awhile due to depression caused by my family and my guy friend I contacted off and on, and he tried moving on but I don't think he has (girls seem to think he comes on weird he's really shyish though and too nice)

Anyway the other night we were talking, and he ended up mentioning jokingly the time we messed around drunk, and the conversation I thought was just taking joking cheap shots at eachother took a turn to him acting like I wanted to do it again, but I just said stupid stuff instead.

Well I finally bluntly asked if he was implying something, and he said in exact quotes "No, I was just saying how I felt, that I have never felt this way about a girl outside of dating her and that if we were ever to get intoxicated and have that happen again I wouldn't want you to feel bad or awkward, or (for god sakes it happens here) I'm taken"

He's also told me before he's very attatched to me, more so than any girl that he's hasn't dated.

He asked if I felt awkward, I said no. Not because I want to have sex with him but rather because what happened and what's the point of feeling awkward now?

I'm very blunt and open, non flirtatious, I'm not really girly girl type, I like to chill and read, play video games, joke and be sarcastic, recreationally smoke pot, and drink. I'm not clingy, and I'm not easily offended and honestly I just don't care about people's opinions too much.

I'm very introverted...

Anyway I just can't tell if he likes me or just wants to have sex with me or something. I'm not slutty, but I just don't really want to have sex anymore (only had sex once with ex and that was my first time) and if I do have sex I rather it be in a one night stand where I don't know and never again have to see the other person.

I mean when we were joking in that conversation he was going into explicit detail about what we did sexually, and was like "it almost seems like you want to challenge me to make you remember"


Anyway I really don't know, I'm hanging out with him today Because I haven't in awhile but I'm worried something weird will happen.
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He seems like a nice, legit guy by the way. He's also got a job and he's pretty happy go lucky and nerdy (though he doesn't look it) He's broke down insecurely when I didn't text him for a day and then another time when we were just friends and I didn't text him for a day.
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Meh I'm not really looking for a guy, just education lol
Need advice on a guy? Is he just a pervert?
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