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He lied about his identity?

My friends with benefits of nearly 3yrs turned out to be a fraud. Initally we where dating but he wasn't boyfriend material and didn't want to be in a committed relationship. We had chemistry and over time fell into friends with benefits (off and on again). Lately we've been getting really close he texts or calls much more frequently we both admitted that we have feelings for one another and has been pushing to meet my family. A argument we had had me questioning who he really was and if he was married. Long story short he wasn't married but he lied about his last name and his career. He pretended to be this poor struggling working man but he's very well to do from a well to do family.I'm so confused because he knows I'm a starving college student and yet he would ask me to give him gas money when we go out(not all the time) or to pay for the hotel room.

Needless to say I'm furious about his duplicity.I feel used and hurt because I was always honest with this man. I want to confront him about it but I wonder if I have the right to say anything at all
He lied about his identity?
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