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Friends of mine have girls sending them frequent nudes?

What in the world is up with that? These guys have had countless girls sending them countless nude pictures of themselves to them for no reason at all. Multiple girls at a time. I really don't get it. Like that's just rachet. I can't even fathom having tons of girls sending me nudes. Even just one girl, I've never had it happen before.

Something about it really rubs me the wrong way. I have no idea where any of these girls come from either. I don't remember any of them from school or anything. It just seems like all of these random trashy girls coming out of nowhere just sending them pictures. lol

Why would girls be doing this? I find it kind of disgusting. Like I wish I knew of a place where I knew I'd be running into some quality women that didn't do stuff like this, because seeing stuff like this makes me very wary about trusting girls and makes it hard to find reasons to respect them. Like I want a girl that I KNOW is respectable.
Friends of mine have girls sending them frequent nudes?
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