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Does he like me or does he treat me as friend for benefit?

So yesterday me and my friends went to eat ice cream and after that we went to one of the guy's place. One of the guy's brother(let's call him A) was my close friend and we were friends for 9 years. After awhile of playing mahjong, I went to the A's room and wanted to catchup since I didn't see him for quite awhile. So we started talking from 2+ to 5+ and while the rest are still playing mahjong outside.He was lying on his bed while talking to me, while I'm sitting on just a chair. However, after awhile, I got tired and started lying on the bottom bed(not the same bed as him). After awhile, I got cold and asked him for a blanket but he don't have a extra one and throw half of his blanket down to share with me while he came down and slept at the place where he put things(like specs, cup etc). He told me that he feels uncomfortable sleeping there and I told him to sleep back at his bed but he says nevermind and later on, I pushed him down to the same bed that I was lying on because I felt damn guilty. (Did I just gave him the wrong idea?) After awhile, he started spooning me the whole night and we just talked the whole night through. It was morning and I wanted to go to the toilet but I do not want to see his parents as I do not know what to say to them. He told me to just go to the toilet or bare with it if I do not want to see his parents. After awhile, he told me to just go out and greet his parents since I'm already inside his room. I refused and he continue spooning me and talking and he started to finger me. I asked him what relationship we are having now and he said friends for benefit. I asked him if he did liked me before and he said there are only two types. 1. those that can be girlfriend material or 2. remain as friends and he says I am 2. But before that, he asked me to be his girlfriend on my 18th birthday and has show interest in me. He knows that I am not interested in him and were interested in his friend(I call him B) that was in his clique last time. During the whole time while he was spooning me, he kept mentioning B's name the whole time and asked me if I would get back with B if he asked me back.

Ps additional infor: I'm a person who feels bored easily and will call people to talk when I am bored and there is this time I call him when I was bored. After fingering, I wanted to go home and he asked me if I will still call him when I am bored and I said I don't think I will call you and talk to you for a long time unless I am really too bored and have no one to talk to. Before I went off, I still told him I hate him for 'taking advantage' of me. Does he like me/have feelings for me or does he really treat me as a friend for benefit? Will guys spoon a girl that they don't like? Sorry for the long passage.
Does he like me or does he treat me as friend for benefit?
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