Why do guys continue to hurt their girlfriends with p*rn?

I know that guys will always look at p*rn. Because we have to live with the saying that "guys will be guys." But my question is, why continue to do it if you know that it hurts your girlfriend/wife? I love my guy with all my heart and if there was something that I did that hurt him, I would stop in respect of him, even if it was something that I enjoyed doing, but he is more important than a "habit". I never had a problem with his viewing before, because he always wanted to have sex with me everyday, sometimes three times a day. I never turned him down, even if I was tired or sick, because I loved being with him. Now, he turns me down to the point of me never asking for it again, cannot handle the rejection. We now have sex once a week. long since the days where a normal session would last at least an hour, I am lucky if it lasts 15 minutes. He never goes down on me anymore, or touch other parts of me that used to drive me wild. I am not a dead lay. I get involved. I am constantly move my hips, dirty talk, moan, I am very active during sex. He masturbates everyday, but says he is too tired to have sex with me. Whenever I leave the house, he rapes his computer. whenever he showers he does his deed. He also sneaks off in the bathroom to take care of it, and here I sit, frustrated and feeling very alone. I have talked about this to him. I said that he has hurt my feelings, made me feel bad about myself, and makes me question his level of attractiveness that he has for me. I went from being called gorgeous and beautiful, to cute. His habits don't change. He still does himself and his fantasy girls more than me. He is still very affectionate. Loves to cuddle and hold my hands. Lots of hugs and kisses, tells me that he loves me everyday...at least 20 times a day. He says that I am his dream girl. If I am his dream girl, why are these 2D girls getting all of the attention? I have thought of breaking up with him over this, but I love him too much to do so. I would never do something to him if it makes him feel lonely and unloved. So guys, why do you continue with this behavior if you know it breaks your girls heart? Why have sex with yourself more so than a woman who loves you? Does everything for you? Who is always there for you when you are down and need a shoulder? Why break the hearts of the one you love? I don't get it! Is seeing naked chicks on line really worth it?
Why do guys continue to hurt their girlfriends with p*rn?
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