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How do you know if your friends with benefits has genuine feelings for you?

Hello...so without boring you all with too much detail...

The friends with benefits in referring to here is someone I have tried dating a long time ago, but since a few failed attempts about 5 or 6 years ago we have just been either friends or Fwb. It used to be very on and off that we would hook up but now its very routine, our weekend nights are expected to be spent with each other 99% of the time, now I've noticed he sends me frequent texts when he's not feeling well to tell me about it, or like when he has a rough day at work and wants to complain to someone about it. and a few weeks ago in pretty sure he told me he loved me when he was drunk, but I couldn't hear super well because it was sorta loud where we were and I jut told myself he's drunk so take it with a grain of salt. But lately he's been texting me everyday it seems for some reason or another and mostly its just to tell me what's he's up to it what's going on with him (verb tho I didn't ask lol) and he's not looking to have me come over to hook up because he has to get up really early for work and usually wants to pass out pretty early on the weekdays.

Can anyone else explain this baht ior possibly?

(Btw not sure it matters but the reason it never worked in the past when we tried dating was because at the time he was way less mature and still In that party lifestyle before he started his career in a serious way (and as is typical), that lifestyle was accompanied by a propensity to cheat..which was made even worse by the fact that I was bi-coastal at the time finishing up grad school --i.e gone about 3,000 miles away quite a bit.)
How do you know if your friends with benefits has genuine feelings for you?
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