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What would you think of this if a chick sent it to u?

To be in the kitchen cooking something sweet and then have you walk in behind me and grab my waist and then you run your hands up my back and over my neck and pull my hair to one side and then kiss my neck all the while you are unbuttoning my shirt and undoing my bra then slip it off my shoulders

You then force me to turn around and you caress my boobs, I then let you try some of the sweet mixture, you then kiss me and everything tastes sweet so you kiss all the way down to my collar bone then suck and bite on my nipples, you then get a spoon full and trickle the thick sweet tasting liquid down my neck and chest so you can use your tongue to lick it all the way back up, I then slowly run my nails up your sides under your shirt and pull it off, as I kiss down your neck chest and abs and by then I've undone your pants and pull them down as I go down, as I get closer and closer to your now throbbing co*k, in one hand I gently straddle your balls an lick up and down your dick just teasing you playing with the tip I finally take it all in and will a moan of relief from you I get faster, deeper then go back to working on the tip all the while you get closer to blowing, I tell you to hold it as long as you can, till you just can't handle it and blow all over my tits.

You then then lift me up on to the bench and run your fingers up and down the inside of my thighs getting closer and closer each time till you finally realize I'm not wearing panties so you pull me to the edge of the bench and push me to lay down, you then pull up my skirt and and spread my legs and slowly use your tongue to massage my clit and after awhile of making me moan and making me beg for you to stop as my legs quiver you pull me off the bench, and turn me around place my hands on the bench and bend me over.

You then slowly slip your big throbbing **** inside me as I let out a little scream you get faster and deeper till you are just pounding me as hard as you can with my screams getting louder you ease off and lean forward then with one hand play with my clit and making me scream louder as you make me come for the 2nd time, my legs go weak and start to shake and the only thing holding me up is you as you start pounding me again till you blow then you just let me go and I full in to a heap on the floor fully paralysed for a while and you just walk off for a shower.

What do you think? What can I work on to make it sound sexier
What would you think of this if a chick sent it to u?
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