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How to gently reject someone after sleeping together?

I have a female friend (Amy) that I've known has been interested in me for some time. She hasn't come out and told me, but I could tell. One of her friends has also mentioned it to one of my other friends. Anyway, I'm not interested, and I've tried to be careful about not doing or saying anything to lead her to believe I am. She's a friend though, and I enjoy hanging out with her. As a friend. Nothing more. There are a few other women in our circle of friends that I wouldn't mind going out with and getting to know better, but they all treat me like I'm off limits because their friend likes me.

So last night one of our friends had a going away party. I got there a little late, and everyone was already there, including Amy. I had fun socializing with everyone. Another woman showed up that I've been interested in getting to know, and we spent some time laughing and joking around. But eventually Amy made her way over, and the talk fizzled out. At the end of the night as everyone was getting ready to leave, Amy asked if I could give her and her friends a ride home. It was only about a mile away, so I said yes. When I got there they asked if I would come in and have some drinks. I agreed and went inside. Mistake. The two other girls went to sleep almost immediately, and Amy and I were left alone drinking wine. She started getting really close, and we ended up kissing. That eventually led to sex. Afterwards she kept talking about how excited she was that this finally happened, and asking if I only did it because I was drunk. How do I answer that honestly when I'm in bed with someone? I know, I should have stayed strong and resisted the temptation, but I was turned on and under the influence of alcohol. Whatever, it happened. Anyway, I know she thinks this is going to lead to us dating, but I'm still not interested. I don't know how to let her down gently and continue our friendship without it being awkward. Is that possible? Any advice?
How to gently reject someone after sleeping together?
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