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Need some advice with this guy I am seeing?

There's a guy I am seeing and we started off pretty hot and heavy, we have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and we text everyday and we had sex for the first time last week, after we did it the next day he seemed different so we talked about it and he said he likes me but he wants to take it slow, everytime he jumps into a relationship he gets hurt and so I said ok we can take it slower, and I felt it got to the point where he didn't really want to see me anymore, his texts weren't quite the same so we went out the other night and talked and just hung out, kinda got to know each other a bit better instead of always making out, and at the end of the night he kissed me and then went home. I texted him the next day and said that I liked that he kissed me (I pretty much gave up hope for us before that) and he replied back that it was no big deal and that he wanted to. So I guess I just need some advice on if he really does want to be with me but just take it slow like he said or if he's just dicking me around. Would you kiss the girl before you left if you had no more interest in her? Should I keep working at this or find someone else? I really like him and I know he likes or liked me a lot too. I just feel maybe we had sex too soon even though we both wanted it. Some insight would be great ladies and gents! Thanks!
Need some advice with this guy I am seeing?
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