Why is my friends with benefits acting like this?

Back in December , he told me he was starting to see someone, so we stopped meeting up, and I deleted his number. Just a couple of weeks ago, he text me and asked if we could meet again. I asked about his gf and he said that it didn't work. Now at that time, I was crushing on this guy and just wanted to focus on him. So I told my friends with benefits no. But things with that guy weren't going to well, so I found Alex ( friends with benefits ) on fb as I had deleted his number again. He wasn't even upset or anything that I had to fb creep on him to get back in touch with him. Anyways, that day, he came over and things just seemed different. He was pulling me into kisses, and being kind of affectionate, more so than just your average hookup. And after we had sex, he stayed a few minutes after to cuddle with me. And it was real cuddling! Like he kept snuggling his face deeper and deeper into my neck. We have normal conversations, while we're having sex too! Like he was asking me about my new car, I was asking him how work was. And when we were cuddling naked, I even asked him how his sister was, hoping that he would take that as a sign like "hey, that's too much. Maybe I should get up, get dressed, and leave," but nope. He just snuggled into my neck again. And he calls me babe and baby even though I've told him that I don't like that because it's pet names that people in a relationship call each other. He's still calling me that... So I'm getting really confused and was just wondering if I could get a guys perspective. Does this seem out of the ordinary for FWBs?
Why is my friends with benefits acting like this?
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