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Does he not understand what 'no oral' means?

my boyfriend wants to give me oral, he'll say things like "it'll feel much better if I use my tongue" or he'll try being sneaky and kiss my tummy and then try kissing my vagina and go further into it but I always stop him. I already told him I won't kiss him if he does that but he keeps asking why and honestly I'm not even sure why I don't want him to. Like I do find it kind of gross.. like that's where I pee from I wouldn't want someones mouth there. And I would probably have to give him a blowjob in return, I would never put a penis in my mouth for the same reason I wouldn't let someone lick my vagina. But he really seems to want to. And the other day I was giving him a handjob he didn't bring any lube and I didn't want to spit on it because thats weird.. and he was like "you said no oral right?" like if I was to change my mind and suck his dick. no thank you.
I don't know how else to put it, I already said I don't want to. Should I draw it out?
Does he not understand what 'no oral' means?
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