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I've had sex with my bf once, we were both virgins. It didn't turn out too well because I can never handle pain and it was very painful. So yesterday we were trying again, but it was a fail so I gave him a handjob and it took awhile for him to come, so I switched hands because my arm cramped up and then my other arm cramped up. So basically, it took a long time but I didn't complain as long as he's happy. Then when it got to fingering me, I was laying at the edge of the bed with my legs hanging and he was kneeling and when I looked at him he was holding his head up as if he were tired or bored. Like when you're in class all bored and you're trying to keep your head up. Yeah, like that so I just got up. I felt like I was wasting his time or something. Didn't even get to the good part -_-
What was this about?
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