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I think my best friend is leading me on, what should I do?

So my best friend is in a horrible relationship. She's neglectful and mean. He's with me more than he is with her. I recently discovered I have feelings for him and decided to tell him after he broke up with her. He didn't have much of a response except for asking me why a bunch of times. He seemed to be taken by surprise. So I went on like nothing happen. In the weeks since I confessed to him we have gotten hella crazy close. Like inseparable. He decided to give his gf another chance and the same situation is happening he doesn't see her ever and he just spends more time with me cause they fight all the time. A few days ago we talked about everything that happened when I told him how I felt and he basically said he thought i was too good for him so he never considered us being even possible and then a friend told me later that night he confided in him that my best friend told him that he would totally date me if he didn't have his gf and have so much to lose if we broke up.

Jump forward to today. We basically spent the entire day together poking fun at each other and lounging around. A bunch of our friends pulled me aside and decided they wanted to confront me about what was going on cause apparently from an outside party it looks like we're dating and he likes me. He has been clinging to me more and paying more attention to me. A friend confronted him cause she was concerned that I was going to end up getting hurt cause he's leading me on to think he actually likes me. He told this friend he didn't and totally contradicted everything he's said to his best friend when they talked about me. After hearing everyones opinions I'm confused cause I realized I had been holding out hope that we could date. But now i'm realizing he might be getting the intimacy and emotional support he craves from his gf from me which would make me his side chick. I'm mad at him now but feel guilty cause I don't think he realizes what he's doing. What should I do?
I think my best friend is leading me on, what should I do?
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