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Everyone please help me I'm falling apart?

I'm 14 now. When I was 12 in 7th grade, I was sexually harrassed by 4 guys. The leader would say 69, that's what she said and "in training"( I looked it up it means when a girl lies down has sex with a guy and they all take turns. In other word, gang rape) every chance he got. I was naiive. they called me anorexic, flat chested and always said oh your just on your cycle. I'm making a lot of connections now that I couldnt make before. I thought he was my friend. I feel so hurt and tramatized. When I heard what it meant, i felt so low. I want revenge. Please dont say it's not the answer. What they did was wrong. Believe it or not, i didn't egg them on. I never went up to them and sexually harrassed them. it was 4 against 1. I just want revenge. Please no comments say "just tell someone" or "revenge isn't the answer". I can't tell anyone. If I go to the authorites, they will just say why didn't you say anything 2 years ago , and I'm not close with my parents. I'm shy and like to keep my emotions and thoughts inside. They think this is still funny and aren't sorry. That's why I want revenge.
Everyone please help me I'm falling apart?
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