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Okay is this wrong to feel this way?

okay is this weird. I have this want to make people happy. It makes me happy. I don't let people walk all over me, but I really like to make people happy, especially guys. I like to make them smile and laugh and stuff, I love to kiss them, and just... be with them. Laying in bed talking about nothing, being stupid together, basically being best friends in all ways, but also sleeping with them. At my college, I don't know if people think I'm a slut, but I'll sleep with any guy, especially if I feel sorry for them, like something bad happened, or not even sleep with them, just to be there and be fun. Shopping, going out to eat, or hanging out at my apartment, but it usually leads to sex. I'm pretty intuitive when it comes to people trying to take advantage of me, so I'm not an idiot (i know girls like that, who are stupid, so please), I just like to make them smile. I love all of them and just... connect with them, and will do anything to brighten their day... or night lol

So... is this considered slutty? I don't really internalize peoples' opinions of me and take it to heart, but I was just curious.
Okay is this wrong to feel this way?
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