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Slept with my friend - what should I do next?

Long story short: I have been hanging out with this guy for the past 8 months. We got introduced by my ex who dumped me shortly after. The guy and I became best friends, seeing each other nearly every day. He had a girlfriend until recently. Thing is, he often said that we would never hook up because he doesn't sleep with his mates' exes. However, one night we got drunk and cuddled all night (he dumped his GF the next day), and then a few days ago I slept over again and we started making out, it was very loving and intense, and I gave him a BJ, but that was it. He had to leave early in the morning to get a train, kissed me on the shoulder good-bye and we've texted a bit back and forth, but no word about what happened and he has declined my offers to hang out for the past 2 days. I saw him at uni though, but we talked as usual, just about random stuff. Thing is, I really really like him, and I thought he liked me too… and I just don't know how to approach things from now on and how to interpret his behaviour.

As I said: 1) He was incredibly passionate and loving, and we know each other very well, but 2) he is the type that sleeps around a lot and has lots of hook ups, which is why 3) I wanted to seem cool and made a joke that he could be my experimental sex pet if he wants to, which could have been insensitive considering how loving he was towards me just moments before… I just wanted to play it cool, but I worry that it might have backfired and now he thinks that I don't care… At the same time, before we hooked up I told him that I feel like he sees me as one of the guys and that I don't want that and can't continue if that's the case. He then ended up assuring me that he doesn't see me like that at all. What would you do if you were in my situation? Should I just wait it out and see what happens and whether he makes the next move? Should I come across as more 'serious' and less 'cool'? I'm really at my wits end.
Slept with my friend - what should I do next?
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