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The Duke p*rn star... Belle Knox. What do you think?

This girl has been making pornographic videos to pay her way through school. She was outed by a classmate and eventually decided to use her real name instead of her p*rn name.
The story is here: m.xojane.com/.../belle-knox-duke-university-freshman-porn-star

What do you think about this? Was what she did a good idea? (The p*rn and the revealing of her identity) What about how her peers and even good friends have handled it?

I personally think she made a very very poor choice both in making these films and revealing her identity... But I support her right to make these decisions and think it's terrible that friends/family are saying terrible things to her because of it. Nobody deserves to be threatened and ridiculed in that way... She is only 18 and may not have the best judgement, but no reason to threaten her life.
I just hate that in doing this to pay for her tuition, in 4 years it may not even matter that she has a degree because this is all people will think about. As much as it sucks, that's our society... It's hard enough to make it in the professional world but it's even harder if something like this is following you around. I wholeheartedly believe she will regret it later on when she is trying to find a job.

The Duke p*rn star... Belle Knox. What do you think?
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