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There's more to this than just sexual attraction?

A guy bought me dinner and a movie. And saved me twice when I was drunk. He even came to my rescue when he had to get his son the next day.. Yeah we hankie pankied and both of us were like, "I don't usually do this." Which was true i m not (I guess not in this case), usually easy. And he's an shy guy.
Here a some tid bits of info..
He consoled me when i was drunk because i was crying about how i didn't wanna be all plastered n be by his son (which i wasn't i just felt like a bad egg.) He kept me covered with a blanket all night when I was wasted and held me. And he was having an upsetting dream and I checked to make sure he was okay and he woked with a panic moment and saw me, smiled and snuggled me and went back to sleep. Another thing is when I asked what he was looking for.. he told me he wasn't just looking for someone for him but for someone for his son. He does get all cheesy when he sees me when he's at work and all that cheesy stuff but I don't know if its because he's happy to see mee or if I'm just "attractive"? And we've only hung out a few times also... but they were for long periods of time and some sleepovers..
There's more to this than just sexual attraction?
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