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This guy has to have some kind of attraction towards me.. help please!?

I'll try to make this short.

We met for a night out. Just a random night, with no expectations. Only some fun, partying and drinking with friends. I ended up, talking to this guy. Later that evening we made out. Since then, we've been together twice = we've been together three times, also texted, sexted, been flirting and so on. But only seen each other when being drunk. The last two times we've been together, he has been fingering me, giving me pleasure, but it hasn't gone further than that. I've wanted to do something for him too, but I'm afraid because of an experienc long time ago. But he understands that. Anyways, that's not the point.

But whenever after that night we've met he then texts me 1-2-3 days later, asking me if I had fun and so on. We have also been video-chatting on Skype, where we have masterbated in front of each other and so on. I know that he has a sexual interest in me, that's obvious. We then end up talking for hours. 4-5-6 hours almost every time.
Almost every time we're chatting it's on a school night, but I don't want to go to bed, because I love our convos. He makes me horny and bad, and I simply love it.

After that, when our conversation is over I think to myself, that he will probably text me again the next day or the following day after that, but he doesn't. If I then text him, he's just distant, has to go or something. Why would he do that?

I just don't simply understand why he's playing hot 'n' cold all the time?

Yes, I know he's horny, I am too. But not all of our conversations are dirty, just about sex, getting laid, if I would to do that and that and so on. Many of them are, but not all.
This guy has to have some kind of attraction towards me.. help please!?
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