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Holding onto your virginity for the right person?

I have been doing a lot of thinking these last few days. I'm 22 and a virgin and lately I've been thinking of the kind of person I would want as my significant other.

I've been thinking that I will find the right person when I see them deserving enough to take what I have. Most of my friends are females and when I think of who I'd want as my significant other, I realize that there is not one female I know that I would even consider.

I feel like my virginity is something really important I should hold on to until I know I found the right person to give it to. I don't really know why these thoughts have come to mind in recent days, but I feel like its the right thing to do for myself. I am not religious at all either.

Is my thinking warped in a way or am I thinking too deep into it?
Holding onto your virginity for the right person?
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