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Why is my boyfriend less intimate with me?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 months. We have sort of a long distance relationship, although he's still within state and we see each other twice a week.
When we first started out, of course thingswere great and we both had an extremely high sex drive.. Things were great like like this for the first couple months, until about a month ago when a male friend of mine attempted to get into my pants. I told my boyfriend about this (who was extremely angry, obviously), and about a week later I forgave my friend and decided to continue with our friendship.
My boyfriend was not happy about this.
But I recently dropped this friend as he made yet another attempt so now we have no contact.
But my sex life with my boyfriend has been suffering since the first attempt.
He hasn't really given me oral (he used to absolutely LOVE doing this before, and was eager to do it every time we were together) and our sex life just isn't what it used to be..
I asked him about it today and he said it's because of what happened with my friend, and he feels less intimate with me but is still just as attracted to me..
Should I believe him? Do you think this is really the reason why our sex life has taken a poop?
Why is my boyfriend less intimate with me?
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