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Is it okay to tell my boyfriend that I watch p*rn?

I'm 21 and I pretty much grew up in a Christian household. I really believe in values like sex after marriage. My boyfriend as well is in the same page with me of abstaining from sex. We have not even kissed in the lips yet. My boyfriend and I are each other's first girlfriend and boyfriend so I am learning so much from this relationship.

Pretty confused and I even was so surprised that my boyfriend gets boners because of me the first time he told me about it. I have never ever talked to anyone about how I am sexually. How I get aroused, what arouses me, etc. I do watch p*rn occasionally when I really get extra horny and cannot control it. I, of course, feel guilty about it but I guess it helps me get by abstaining from sex.

I am just scared he might think of me differently. Because as far as I know, I don't think he assumes I watch p*rn and masturbate. What do guys even think when they know their girl watches p*rn for sexual release, especially if you always looked at your girl as innocent and somewhat pure?
Is it okay to tell my boyfriend that I watch p*rn?
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