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My boyfriend is a selfish lover. What do I do?

We used to have great sex! I miss that...

He's always so tired by, like, 10 at night. I throw myself at him constantly and he either is oblivious or notices but ignores me. I feel like I always want it and he rarely does. Whenever we do have "sex", he always finishes within minutes and when he's done... we're done. He also refuses to go down on me after six months! He says he thinks it's gross.

He tried it once with me... literally licked once and totally flaked! I'm clean too. I make it a point to be. His hygiene on the other hand... it's not horrible but it could be better but I give him blowjobs almost twice a day!! I even make them last about twenty minutes because I had this naive hope that maybe if his climax from the blowjobs feels incredible, he'll realize how much of a lame ass he's being. Wrong. He just falls asleep or cleans up and gets ready to go about his day.

I can get over the fact that he won't eat me out, even though I have put my mouth and tongue ALL OVER his body... and I mean all over. It's that I give so much of myself to him and he won't even try to get me off. I'm really shy and non-confrontational but we have talked about it. Some times he just lays there and looks at me with this look of confusion and sadness. He just says he doesn't know how but he never wants to do anything new. He knows I'm unhappy about this but still does nothing. Why?

In all honesty, despite all of that, he is perfect to me. He is generous in all ways except one. I've never felt so strongly about another man but this hurts me and makes me feel self-conscious. I don't want to leave him but I can't keep doing this.
My boyfriend is a selfish lover. What do I do?
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