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What am I doing wrong? I can't keep girls as friends for more than a few weeks?

Girls say I am good looking, I have a cute smile, and large brown eyes. I am a tall tan swimmer and waterpolo player built like a brick wall. ultra cut. But I've always had problems with girls. I have trouble keeping them as friends as well. I don;t say anything mean to them, I hardly tease them, and I try to help them when they need it. However, after a month or a few weeks they loose interest in being my friend. An example is a girl from one of my classes. In the beginning I was trying to get her and talk to her as usual, I was making good progress. A few times when I wasn't thinking about her at all she would touch my arm to get my attention and talk or walk with me. Now however she hardly talks to me. If I try to initiate a conversation by asking a question she gives quick short answers and doesn't really respond. If I make a comment she says nothing. This has happened before with different girls. I don't understand. Do I give off a different vibe at the beginning? Is it because I stopped being interested in trying to make a friendship that caught her attention? Because when she started to open up and I reciprocated she went back to loosing interest again. Of course I think they're cute and might want to date them later if i could but I wasn't flirting or hitting on them at all really so i don't see why that would turn them away. I really don't get it. I'm cut, good looking, six-pack, tall.. what else is there that I need? I dress well too. My nails are clean, I chew gum after I eat a snack during school to make sure my breath doesn't smell, even after brushing my teeth in the morning every day. I have a 4.7 GPA and take all AP and honors classes, so it can't be that they think i'm a dumb-ass. Please help. I there must be something that I am not doing or doing wrong. Because yolo I included a poll on whether or not you think my profile picture is as good looking as some people say it is. Please please help
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Didn't mean to come off as cocky, I didn't put straight up ugly in the poll because I didn't want that kind of negative feedback. NOT cocky. I am actually introverted and just try to be nice to girls because I am not really a smooth talker at all.
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I honestly am really bad at being funny and stuff that girls like when i talk to them so that might also be a big part..
What am I doing wrong? I can't keep girls as friends for more than a few weeks?
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