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Is my friends with benefits getting feelings for me?

So me and my guy friend have been having sexual fun for the last 7 months. 6 of them being over the phone as he was abroad.
During that time things have been more then just FB.
- He compliments me, hair, dress, telling me I look nice, liking my lipstick, boobs etc .
- he talks about his future with me & his problems.
- wants to see my face when sealing the deal shall we say & says how he loves me doing something.
- we can just talk without the sexual context coming in.
- wanted me to join him on a sex ban.
- when he returned home he had 10 girls all over him, but messaged me to come round.
- he says he's proud of me a lot.
- got all funny when he found out his friend asked me on a date.
- told me when I was dating some guy we knew I should be aiming 7's and then claimed he was a 7.
- when talking about relationships I said guys don't normally get with me because I like confrontation & he said he loved it.

Bad points.
- sometimes he doesn't reply.
- tries to make me jealous
- plays games (like we had an argument & didn't speak for a week. I snap chatted everyone & basically told him never mind. So he fake texted me & said it wasn't supposed to send to me. Which is a lie.)

Does it seem like his feelings are mixed & that there more then just sexual?
Is my friends with benefits getting feelings for me?
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