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Ladies: Have you ever truly been swept off your feet? Or is that a dying mentality in this generation of men?

Lets face it: Most men and women of this era do not have a true sense of romance. Too many females think it is their birth right to have a man come into their life and romance them all because they have a vagina. Not because they deserve it in every aspect of self, not because they have gone out of their way to make him feel special: but because they were born with a vagina and they've watched a lot of Disney. Too many males refuse to let go of bitter resentment towards women to accept that we are not all going to make them relive their past. Not every girl is a heartbreaker who is going to bring to life their inner most fears. Yet because so many guys cannot let this simple truth dominate their psyches, they are not eve willing to sweep a girl off of her feet.

1.) Be fearless. Stop being so paralyzing afraid of getting hurt or rejected. Hurt and rejection come with life; no different from how rust and tune-ups come with cars, pain and struggle come with muscle, dirt and parasites come with the blooming of a power. It is all apart of one grand process. Accept it.
2.) Get over your past. It's your past so it is automatically a significant piece of who you are, but that doesn't have to be in a negative way. Try to let things have a positive outcome on who you are and not a negative one.
3.) Recognize low quality, undeserving people who will disappoint you and instantly eliminate them from your future romantically.

*sighs* now that I got that off my chest...
Despite my extensive willingness to please, make a man feel special, and cater to the needs of his biological design: I have never been swept off of my feet. No, this doesn't mean the guy was some asshole or jerk who didn't deserve me. It just means that he hadn't programmed himself to romance a girl. There's only one guy in my life who ever wanted to sweep me off my feet and, sadly that experience was brief due to timing.

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What can women and men do to sweep someone special off of their feet in the future?
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If you have been swept off of your feet, how so? Was it sporadic actions or was it apart of that person's habitual behavior?
Ladies: Have you ever truly been swept off your feet? Or is that a dying mentality in this generation of men?
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