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Why did he ask me If she would like him?

Well there's this guy who I've known for like the past year. We only talk when we meet somewhere, we don't have phone numbers and stuff like that. I mostly see him as a friend, BUT he IS amazingly handsome. So one day we're sitting somewhere and this girl passes by. And I'm like that's Anna the one you liked the other day... And he is like who? And I repeat her name discribe her and he is like ohh yeah Anna... And he looks at me intensely and asks me Do you think she would like me? Like if he really wanted MY answer. And I'm like I don't know besides she has a boyfriend. And he is like shit!! But he was laughing like eronicaly (Don't say... :P) And I'm like ok..(psycho :P) And then I made fun of him and he laughed and was like no seriously I'm just kidding. Soo was he honestly asking me about her like friend to friend? Or did he try to catch my reaction?
Why did he ask me If she would like him?
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