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Acceptance of being ugly young guy?

I found this forum and wonder what my ext action should be. I am really unattractive guy (i dont have good looking face and balding due to genetics ( im only 23)). To years ago i lost my virginity to hooker and past to years i have been visiting them from time to time. But now i got really tired and depresed of realisation of never being in relationship, being able to cudlle and generally never having a normal youth. So i am thinking what kind of hobbies should i take in order to forget social life (now im playing games but that sometimes doesn't help much as i live next to attractive people and social life/relationships are always in my face). If i wasn't i coward i would take the easy way out... . So the question would be how to get all the thoughts concerning relationship/social life out of my head?
Acceptance of being ugly young guy?
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