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What is up with guys and the disappearing act?

Since I have started trying the online dating thing, I have noticed a trend with some guys. Even after a great time on a date (confirmed by the guy)

They pull the disappearing act and then reappear weeks or sometimes months later with lame excuses or sometimes no explanations at all.

Prime example: A really cute guy I went out on a date with a few weeks ago did just that, I mean our date was awesome, we laughed a lot and he said I was great, but with no explanation he didn't text me and this week he texted me, telling me that he was horny (actually I don't need advice on that, I know his game)

Another Example is a guy who text me once a month for like a day or two and I never hear from him until the next month and to be honest its extremely annoying especially when he is irritated that I deleted his number and have no clue who is.

The real question is, how do I approach these guys and tell them, the disappearing act isn't cool, or should I just flat out ignore them when they contact me again? and how should respond when they decide that after reappearing they want to be horndogs?

I'm so confused on how the guy mind works?
What is up with guys and the disappearing act?
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