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OH WOW, I've never experienced this. What do you think?

Ok, I met this guy just over a month ago and am quite happy with how things are (I think it's 'friends with benefits'), however, the things he does make me think otherwise. Aside from the cuddling up in bed watching tv, we've also been on outings together like fishing, movies, and have even arranged a camping trip together. We see each other 4+ times a week which I like because I enjoy his company.

Guys - can you give me any insight into his behaviour and tell me if guys (in general) would do this in a friends with benefits situation.

What he does:
- Texts everyday like clockwork, after 9:30pm (when I'm home from work), but has only rang me once. The texts are rarely sex talk, but will go on for hours until we fall asleep.
- His cuddles, wow, stroking my hair, back, arms, thighs, waist, ears, side of face, neck, all with him pretty much wrapped around me. I swear he's got my whole body mapped out on his fingertips.
- Full body cuddles and spoons all night, there's no escaping them. If I gain distance between us he just pulls me back in tighter.
- Sex is 2/3 times a night every time we spend the night together. Then he leaves me to sleep in while he goes to work (this is at his house).
- If the sex hurts and I ask him to stop he just grabs me and holds me tight.
- He'll sometimes cuddle up to me with his head on my belly while he rubs my legs, feet and waist until he falls asleep, this is getting more frequent.
- We'll see each other during the week or on the weekend, there's no 'only for certain times'.

We've never been cuddly in public which could be my fault because I only show him a affection in the bedroom (I was raped years ago, which he doesn't know about, but he does know that I was a man hater and went celibate for 7 years and that he's my first since then).

Guys - I've never been in a friends with benefits situation, so is this considered normal for what guys do with their friends with benefits ?
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Thanks all for your answers & I now realise how dumb this question must come across. I wish I could allocate best answer to more than 1 response but I can't so I'm giving it to the anonymous guy who "slapped me with a sense of reality" because it did
OH WOW, I've never experienced this. What do you think?
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