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Girl didn't called you back?

Assume a girl you love and she knows it. She said NO. by the way , she said not to call her or message her as her parents asked not to encourage message or call guys. But she still spks or msgs her buddy frnz and gal frnz. I see that.
After 2 months she started to flirt and tease me with all IOI of a shy girl and called my number twice and replied my message. Meanwhile she was away a week since she is not well. So i called her to ask how is she doing. She didn't picked the call or returned the call over two days. She knws i called her and she have my number stored in. Is she playing hard to get or not interested in talking with me? But she is all over flirty and teasy and shy in f2f. What am wondering is, why would she dont have the curiosity to at least know for what reason i called her. I am planning to ask her when she comes back. Provided if she start this by saying sorry for not getting. I dont believe she is that damn busy all the week not to reply at least by text. She is a nice lady. But nvr expected this
she is into you. jus playing hard to get
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she isn't interested in you or important to call u back
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Girl didn't called you back?
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